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World Taekwondo EVENTS CALENDAR Kyorugi 2023

The World Taekwondo  EVENTS CALENDAR is an up-to-date list of Taekwondo competitions around the world, with details on location, dates and entry fees. Taekwondo practitioners can add their own events to the calendar. It is a useful tool to keep abreast of upcoming Taekwondo events anywhere in the world.


World Taekwondo Event Calendar

The "World Taekwondo 2023 Official Event Schedule" is a useful tool for fans, athletes and organizers. It provides accurate information on dates, locations and times of Taekwondo competitions around the world, allowing users to plan their attendance or follow-up online. It is especially valuable for athletes and event organizers.

1 February TBD Africa 2023 World Taekwondo Grand-Prix Challenge SENIOR G-1
2 February 4 To 9 Istanbul, Turkiye WT President's Cup - Europe SENIOR JUNIOR CADET G-2 N-A N-A (T) 0090 530 575 27 00 (E )
3 February 2-3 Fujairah, UAE 3rd Arab Taekwondo Championships SENIOR G-1
4 February 5 To 8 Fujairah, UAE 10th Fujairah Open 2023 SENIOR G-2 (T) 00971556022230 (E )
5 February 10 To 14 Istanbul, Turkiye 10th Turkish Open(Kyorugi) SENIOR JUNIOR CADET G-2 N/A N/A (T) 0090 530 575 27 00 (E )
6 February 11 To 15 Cairo, Egypt Egypt Open 2023 SENIOR CADET JUNIOR G-1 N/A N-A (T) 20 122 77 20007 (E ),
7 February 17 To18 Cairo, Egypt WT President's Cup - Africa SENIOR G-2 (T) 20 122 77 20007 (E ),
8 February 20 To 23 Tehran, Iran 33rd Fajr Open SENIOR JUNIOR G-1 N/A (T) 982122247744 (E )
9 February 24 To 25 Heredia, Costa Rica 2023 Pan Am Series - Costa Rica SENIOR JUNIOR G-1 N/A (T) + 506 8390 7077 (E ),
10 February 24-25 Tehran, Iran Asian Club Championships SENIOR G-1
11 February 24 To 25 Vancouver, Canada 2023 Canada Open CADET & JUNIOR SENIOR N/A G-2 (T) +204 229 2838 (E ),
12 February 24 To 26 Amman, Jordan 2023 El Hassan Cup International Open CADET JUNIOR SENIOR N/A N/A G-1 (T) 962 78 100 0081 (E )
13 February 25 To 26 Ljubljana, Slovenia Slovenia Open CADET & JUNIOR SENIOR N/A G-1 (T) +386 40 149 103 (E )
14 March TBD PanAm 2023 World Taekwondo Grand-Prix Challenge SENIOR G-1
15 March / TBD Wuxi, China Open Qualification Tournament for Wuxi 2022 World Taekwondo Grand Slam Champions Series SENIOR N/A
16 March / TBD Wuxi, China Wuxi 2022 World Taekwondo Grand Slam Champions Series SENIOR N/A
17 March 3-5 Sofia, Bulgaria Bulgarian Open 2023 SENIOR G-2 (T) +359 884 423 016 (E )
18 March 4 To 5 Las Vegas, USA 2023 US Open Taekwondo Championships CADET & JUNIOR SENIOR N/A G-2 (T) +1 719 374 5736 (E ),
19 March 11 To 12 Eindhoven, Netherlands 2023 Dutch Open Taekwondo Championships SENIOR CADET&JUNIOR G-1 N/A (T) +31 614 126 969 (E )
20 March 11 To 12 Malabo, Equatorial Guinea Africa Central Zone Open CADET&JUNIOR SENIOR N/A G-1 (T) +240 222 633 340 (E )
21 March 18 To 19 Lommel, Belgium Belgian Open SENIOR CADET&JUNIOR G-2 N/A (T) +32 11 870 918 (E )
22 March 23 To 26 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 2023 Pan Am Series - Brazil SENIOR CADET&JUNIOR TEAM G-1 N/A G-1 (T) +55 48 99948 1393 (E ),
23 April 1 To 2 Innsbruck, Austria Austrian Open CADET&JUNIOR SENIOR N/A G-1 (T) +43 699/10000139 (E )
24 April 8 To 9 Skopje, North Macedonia Skopje Open Ramus 2023 CADET&JUNIOR SENIOR N/A G-1 (T) +359 888 684 548 (E )
25 April 16 La Nucia, Spain Spanish Open SENIOR G-1 (T) +34 965 37 00 63 (E )

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