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How to Register in the Taekwondo Directory

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Registering in the Taekwondo directory is very easy, you just have to follow the instructions after choosing your membership and fill out the form with the data of the type of profile you chose and then send your profile to our system

At we bring you an article where we explain in detail the steps to follow so that you obtain your professional Taekwondo profile, which will give you the possibility of reaching or having more scope with a practitioner of this martial sports discipline.

Here is a guide on how to add your professional profile:

Add Profile:

Registering in very easy, you just have to click on the ADD PROFILE button located in the menu of the web portal.

Add Profile Directory MTconnexion
add profile directory mtconnexion
add profile
add profile

Choose The Profile You Want:

After clicking the Add Profile button, you choose which profile you want to upload to the Taekwondo Directory

choose the profile you want
choose the profile you want

Choose a Package:

After choosing the type of profile you want to upload you will be redirected to the profile package where you will buy the membership of the chosen profile.

choose a package in directory taekwondo mtconnexion
choose a package in directory taekwondo mtconnexion

User Registration:

When choosing the package, our system will redirect you to a form to register your username and email in the Taekwondo MTconnexion Directory.

In this form you must enter your email, username and password, accept the terms and conditions of our platform so that the system creates your user.

register directory taekwondo mtconnexion
register directory taekwondo mtconnexion

Tips: The system allows you to register through your Google and Facebook user. If you choose this method, the system will redirect you to your user’s desktop and you must carry out the entire process again to create the professional profile on the web portal.

Data form to create your professional profile:

After the system creates your user with your email and your username, it will immediately redirect you to the form where you will upload or enter your sports data and all the data needed to create your professional profile.

sports data form professional profiles
sports data form professional profiles

Tips: It is recommended to fill in your sports data as completely as possible, this will allow you to reach more Taekwondo practitioners in the world.

Payment Method Taekwondo Directory MTconnexion:

By filling in all your sports data, images, social networks, location and more, it will be sent to the payment method available to our platform where you will finish filling in the last data required to finish the process and publish your professional profile on

payment method taekwondo directory mtconnexion
payment method taekwondo directory mtconnexion

Congratulations Professional Profile Created:

Congratulations on creating your professional profile and it was sent to our system, where you will be able to share and reach more World Taekwondo practitioners.

MTCONNEXION a network that connects the world with Taekwondo

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MTconnexion is a Taekwondo platform that allows users to register a professional space for athletes, coaches, Doyang, Associations and federations.


MTconnexion is a Taekwondo platform that allows users to register a professional space for athletes, coaches, Doyang, Associations and federations.
The main function of Taekwondo Mtconnexion is to create a taekwondo community where you can locate, share, and expand your sports career with other practitioners around the world. To enter the platform you only have to register and acquire an annual membership of 20 dollars.
We allow you to document your Taekwondo sports career and take your profile to have more reach on social networks and the most important search engines in the world such as Google and Microsoft Bing

It allows you to create with specific sports data about your sports career, it allows you to add images, videos, contact information, location map, social networks a description about your taekwondo life belt degree, coach and much more.

As well as the platform creates your personalized URL or Link that allows users who browse to find you in the most important search engines in the world with your name, country and style of Taekwondo that you practice.

Of course, the Mtconnexion Taekwondo platform allows you to share your profile on the most important social networks in the world.

Registering is extremely easy, you just have to click on the button to add a TKD list and it will take you to the different types of list or category of profiles that the platform allows you to create. You can also follow this link to register
Taekwondo Mtconnexion allows you to create several categories of profiles:
Taekwondo Mtconnexion also allows you to create or publish events with organized data so that you can promote on your social networks and Google and Microsoft Bing engines, another benefit is that Mtconnexion is a commercial ally of one of the blogs of the most important news in the world of taekwondo and this gives you the benefit that any publication, whether it is a profile or an event, will be immediately published on the portal and its social networks.

It is a Korean martial art created by masters who specialized in Karate, Judo, and Kendo.

Taekwondo It is a Korean attack and defense martial art created by masters specialized in taekkyon, karate, judo and kendo.

Taekwondo was created by General Choi Hong Hi from Korea.

Taekwondo was founded or named “Taekwondo” on March 22, 1966.
At present there are two styles of this martial art such as Taekwondo:
There are two styles of this martial art because when General Choi Hong Hi self-exiled to Canada in 1973, due to this the teachers in South Korea organized and created the World Taekwondo Federation and simultaneously the Kukkiwon. The Taekwondo International changes its headquarters to Canada together with General Choi Hong Hi who presided over this federation until the day he died.
The difference between World Taekwondo and International Taekwondo is that World Taekwondo is supported by the International Olympic Committee and of course it is in charge of regulating the statutes and regulations of the different world federations that make it up. The international Taekwondo can find different Federations that integrate it and basically maintain the traditional guidelines of this sport of attack and defense.
Taekwondo, as we well commented, is a martial art of attack and defense with the use of fists and feet, this allows its practitioner to develop skills for self-defense. It also develops the cardiovascular system of taekwondo athletes, improving their quality of life, as well as teaching self-control, discipline and respect.
To evolve in taekwondo requires time and perseverance, as you train Taekwondo you will get grades that are reflected with belts, these differentiate you from the rest of the practitioners and reflect the level of ability that you are acquiring in this martial art.
Both styles of Taekwondo are excellent choices, both maintain the philosophy and beliefs of Taekwondo, their main objective is to teach the practitioner self-defense and, as we mentioned before, it improves our cardiovascular system and teaches us values, discipline, respect, honesty, among many other things.
In Taekwondo Mtconnexion you will find a reference and you can locate taekwondo training centers for beginners as well as for high competition, we also have the creation of profiles so that you can promote your career through different media and find athletes and coaches, as well as events that are perform Taekwondo.



WT World Ranking

MALE 58KG top 3

1Mohamed Khalil JENDOUBITunisia
2Jun JANGRepublic of Korea

MALE 68KG top 3

1Bradly SINDENGreat Britain
2Ulugbek RASHITOVUzbekistan
3Zaid KAREEMJordan

WOMEN 49KG top 3

3Daniela Paola SOUZAMexico

WOMEN 57KG top 3

1Zongshi LUOChina
2Hatice Kubra ILGUNTurkey
3Skylar PARKCanada

world TAEKWONDO ranking poomsae


1Ryan REALUnited States of America188.28
2Rodolfo REYES JR.Philippines173.01


1JAE UK JANG Republic of Korea162.32
2Minki SEONGUnited States of America150.77
3Alejandro MARIN BORRASSpain106.14


1Eva SANDERSENDenmark362.90
2ocel Lyn NINOBLAPhilippines140.70


1Yu-jin KANGRepublic of Korea259.00
2Ana Patricia PEÑA PÉREZDominican Republic119.05
3Charlotte PEDERSENDenmark112.20

world-taekwondo-federation    World Taekwondo

taekwondo-african-union    AFRICAN Taekwondo

taekwondo-pan-american-union    AMERICAN taekwondo

asian-taekwondo-union    ASIAN TAEKWONDO

european-taekwondo-union    EUROPEAN TAEKWONDO

oceania-taekwondo-union    OCEANIA TAEKWONDO

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taekwondo mtconnexion profile athletes coach and doyang



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