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Taekwondo Mtconnexion is a web portal designed specifically for taekwondo practitioners. We offer our users the possibility to create professional profiles where they can stay updated with the latest images, videos and sports data. In addition, our portal has detailed information on the ranking of athletes in forms and combat, as well as a calendar of sporting events worldwide.



World Taekwondo is one of the world’s largest international sports federations and is responsible for organizing and governing taekwondo competitions worldwide. Founded in 1973,


# itf TAEKWONDO federation

Founded in 1966 by General Choi Hong Hi, the ITF is one of the world’s leading taekwondo organizations, focusing on the teaching and practice of traditional taekwondo, as well as training high-quality instructors and referees.





Taekwondo: Cadets, Juniors, Seniors, Para - Taekwondo

“Taekwondo Profiles is a unique space for both elite and regular athletes. Create your profile and share your achievements, experiences and knowledge with other taekwondo athletes from around the world.



Taekwondo: Cadets, Juniors and senior


Recent Taekwondo Coachs

Taekwondo: Coach and Masters

Profiles of Taekwondo Coaches and Masters is a professional space for those who train and guide athletes who practice taekwondo.




Training center for Taekwondo practitioners

In Taekwondo Mtconnexion, you can explore or create the profile of your training center. The platform allows you to create a professional space for your Doyang, where you can add your class schedules and all relevant information about your training location.


News & Articles

Taekwondo Blog of news and articles Mtconnexion

At Taekwondo Mtconnexion, you will find news and articles related to the world of taekwondo. You will find material to document how the Mtconnexion portal works, how to register, the benefits, tutorials and articles related to Taekwondo WT and ITF.

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Learn how Taekwondo can be a powerful tool for enhancing...
Taekwondo for Fitness: Achieving Strength, Flexibility, and Mental Well-being
Explore the world of Taekwondo for fitness, a martial art...
Taekwondo Poomsae: Mastering the Art of Forms
Learn all about Taekwondo Poomsae, the intricate and dynamic forms...



taekwondo Directory MTconnexion

Database or world guide for people who have worked in the discipline of taekwondo.


The Platform allows you the geolocation of anyone who has or has had a career in Taekwondo who previously acquired a membership in the MTConnexion portal.


You will be able to intercom directly with any user registered on the platform, managing to dialogue or communicate with any professional through the different methods included on the website.


Create, organize and announce all kinds of events with the entire community, in addition to sharing them on your social networks, being a tool at the time of organization, promotion and advertising.

share content

Meet and explore all kinds of content in a natural way, being able to share information, news, opinions and events with other users and organizations of your career and events about Taekwondo.

Taekwondo Mtconnexion a network that connects the world with Taekwondo.


MTconnexion is a Taekwondo platform that allows users to register a professional space for athletes, coaches, Doyang, Associations and federations.


MTconnexion is a Taekwondo platform that allows users to register a professional space for athletes, coaches, Doyang, Associations and federations.
The main function of Taekwondo Mtconnexion is to create a taekwondo community where you can locate, share, and expand your sports career with other practitioners around the world. To enter the platform you only have to register and acquire an annual membership of 20 dollars.
We allow you to document your Taekwondo sports career and take your profile to have more reach on social networks and the most important search engines in the world such as Google and Microsoft Bing

It allows you to create with specific sports data about your sports career, it allows you to add images, videos, contact information, location map, social networks a description about your taekwondo life belt degree, coach and much more.

As well as the platform creates your personalized URL or Link that allows users who browse to find you in the most important search engines in the world with your name, country and style of Taekwondo that you practice.

Of course, the Mtconnexion Taekwondo platform allows you to share your profile on the most important social networks in the world.

Registering is extremely easy, you just have to click on the button to add a TKD list and it will take you to the different types of list or category of profiles that the platform allows you to create. You can also follow this link to register
Taekwondo Mtconnexion allows you to create several categories of profiles:
Taekwondo Mtconnexion also allows you to create or publish events with organized data so that you can promote on your social networks and Google and Microsoft Bing engines, another benefit is that Mtconnexion is a commercial ally of one of the blogs of the most important news in the world of taekwondo and this gives you the benefit that any publication, whether it is a profile or an event, will be immediately published on the portal and its social networks.


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